RMC | Romi Masonry Construction are Fairfield retaining wall contractors who specialize in designing, constructing, and maintaining retaining walls. Retaining walls are structures built to hold back soil and prevent erosion, especially on properties with uneven terrain or slopes. These walls serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, helping to create usable spaces, prevent soil erosion, and enhance the overall appearance of a property.

Our Fairfield, CT Retaining wall contractors offer a range of services, including:

  1. Design: We work with property owners to assess the site’s needs, discuss design preferences, and develop a plan for the retaining wall. This plan considers factors like the type of soil, the height of the wall, drainage requirements, and the aesthetic vision.
  2. Material Selection: We help clients choose the appropriate materials for the retaining wall. Common materials include concrete blocks, natural stone, brick, timber, and various engineered solutions like segmental blocks or geogrid-reinforced walls.
  3. Construction: The primary responsibility of our retaining wall contractors is constructing the wall according to the approved design. This involves excavation, preparing the foundation, building the wall structure, and ensuring proper drainage systems to prevent water buildup behind the wall.
  4. Permitting and Regulations: Depending on the location and height of the retaining wall, there might be local building codes and permits required. We can assist clients in navigating these regulations and obtaining necessary permits.
  5. Site Preparation: We might need to clear vegetation, grade the site, and prepare the area where the retaining wall will be built. Proper site preparation is crucial for the stability and longevity of the wall.
  6. Drainage Solutions: Ensuring proper drainage is essential to prevent water buildup behind the wall, which can lead to soil erosion and wall failure. We can incorporate drainage systems such as weep holes, gravel backfill, and geotextile fabrics.
  7. Maintenance and Repairs: Retaining walls require periodic maintenance to ensure they remain stable and functional. We offer maintenance services such as inspecting the wall for structural integrity, addressing any erosion issues, and making necessary repairs.

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