Serving Easton, CT an surrounding towns of Fairfield County, RMC | Romi Masonry Construction are custom stone pool deck and pool patio build contractors that specialize in designing, constructing, and installing custom pool decks and patios using stone materials. We work closely with homeowners or property owners to create unique outdoor spaces that complement the pool area and enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of the property.

Best Stone Paver, Stamped Concrete Pool Patio Builders in Easton, CT

  1. Design: Collaborating with clients to understand their vision and requirements for the pool deck and patio design. We offer suggestions and recommendations based on their expertise and knowledge of stone materials and construction techniques.
  2. Material Selection: Helping clients choose the right type of stone materials for their pool deck and patio based on factors such as durability, aesthetics, budget, and maintenance requirements.
  3. Construction: Managing the construction process from start to finish, including site preparation, excavation, installation of the stone pavers or tiles, and any additional features such as built-in seating, fire pits, or outdoor kitchens.
  4. Customization: Incorporating custom elements into the design, such as decorative patterns, borders, or accent features, to create a unique and personalized look for the pool deck and patio.
  5. Maintenance and Repair: Providing guidance on proper maintenance practices to ensure the longevity and beauty of the stone pool deck and patio. We also offer repair services for any damage or wear and tear over time.

Custom stone pool deck and pool patio build services in Easton, CT by RMC Masonry Contractors creates an inviting and functional outdoor living spaces that enhance the enjoyment and value of a property.  You can click the following link to view our many 5-star Google Reviews. Contact us today at (203) 982-8518 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!