Stone columns and pillars are masonry structures offered by RMC | Romi Masonry Construction that add beauty, strength, and architectural interest to various types of landscapes, entrances, and outdoor spaces. These structures are often used for decorative and functional purposes, such as supporting gates, fences, and canopies, or simply as standalone aesthetic elements.

Overview of stone columns and pillars masonry construction in Fairfield, CT:

Design and Planning:

  • The design phase involves determining the style, size, and location of the stone columns or pillars. Considerations include the architectural theme of the surrounding area, the type of stone to be used, and any specific functional requirements.

Material Selection:

  • Different types of natural stone, such as granite, limestone, marble, and sandstone, can be used to construct Fairfield stone columns and pillars. The choice of stone depends on factors like the desired appearance, durability, and compatibility with the overall design.

Foundation and Footing:

  • Properly preparing the foundation and footing is crucial to ensure the stability and longevity of the stone columns or pillars. The foundation should be designed to handle the weight of the structure and to prevent settling or tilting over time.

Construction Process:

  1. Excavation: The construction area is excavated to create a stable base for the foundation.
  2. Foundation and Footing: Concrete footings are poured to provide a solid base for the stone columns or pillars.
  3. Stone Selection and Preparation: The chosen stones are cut, shaped, and prepared according to the design specifications. This might involve cutting, smoothing, or carving the stones.
  4. Building the Structure: The stones are stacked or arranged according to the design, using mortar to bond them together. The masons carefully place each stone to create a strong and aesthetically pleasing structure.
  5. Jointing and Finishing: Mortar joints between the stones are carefully filled and smoothed to create a cohesive appearance. Any excess mortar is cleaned off the surface of the stones.
  6. Curing: The mortar needs time to cure and set properly, ensuring the stability of the structure.
  7. Finishing Touches: Depending on the design, additional decorative elements might be added, such as caps, finials, or lighting fixtures.


  • Stone columns and pillars require regular maintenance to ensure their integrity and appearance. This may include inspecting for cracks, weathering, and erosion, and making any necessary repairs.

RMC | Masonry Construction are experienced Fairfield masonry contractors who specialize in stone column and pillar masonry construction. 1we can provide guidance on design, materials, and construction techniques, ensuring that the finished structure meets both aesthetic and structural requirements. We take into consideration local building codes and regulations when planning and constructing these types of structures.

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