About us

RMC/Romi Masonry Construction LLC specializes in all types of masonry construction. We are fully staffed, and able to handle any-size project. With over 10 years of experience, RMC offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our mission is to create long-term client relationship based on the achievement of client goals.
It is our duty to satisfy our customer’s needs providing also a safe and welcome environment.

Safety is our top priority; therefore, we invest a great amount of time to ensure that our work and equipment are safety-friendly. Personal safety for our employees and all others working with us and around us is constantly monitored on all our projects.

Our objective is to increase the talent and skill of our employees to help them help us help you. This is why we are extremely committed to an ongoing technical training for our masons to serve an ongoing excellency for our clients.

Here at RMC we recognize and take seriously the need for superior craftsmanship.
We would never compromise our attention to detail and outstanding results.

Our philosophy is to work along side the general contractor, architect and owner as a team, creating extensive support in the timely completion of a quality project.

We offer a long-standing reputation, integrity, dependability and knowledge of masonry because WE DO CARE!