RMC/Romi Masonry Construction LLC is a family-owned and operated business with over 10 years of experience, growing rapidly due to the remarkable commitment towards clients while working with high standards and integrity.

RMC/Romi Masonry Construction LLC provides the finest in residential and commercial improvement while using high quality materials and offering a wide variety of stone patterns.We pay great attention to detail and will work with you extensively to find your perfect design.

RMC is fully insured, licensed, OSHA approved and it is our mission to bring safety and structural integrity to each and every one of our projects to timely manner.

RMC/Romi Masonry Construction LLC wants to protect our clients investments at all times. This is the reason why RMC uses TOP-QUALITY material and all necessary equipment on any desired variety of patterns, texture, color schemes, in all installations.

RMC guarantees a weather-proof value for all products installed, to last through rough conditions and time.

Working from small residential areas to large commercial projects, Romi Masonry Construction LLC is the company that can handle anything and everything serving community’s need for excellency.



RMC/Romi Masonry Construction LLC wants to be able to give all clients heads-up.

We want them to have a complete idea of design, cost and time frame their project will take. This is why we provide them with a free of charge estimate